November 9, 2016#

Paint Nites…back by popular demand!

When friends want to chill my way, find their escape my way, get some therapy my way….this is what we do. It goes without saying that I get plenty of therapy myself, which frankly beats the more touted “meditation”, simply because it creates tangible beauty in art form.

The paint nites are free. For I believe putting a price tag to it will transform creativity and friendship into commercial expectations, which defeats the whole purpose of “therapy”!

Artists in the Making:

Magi Gohlan, Lima Thomas, Nina Pradeep, Shalini Kopalkar, Preeti Rao, Monica Jain



March 26, 2016#

Make an Exhibition of it!

Brush Strokes and Ye Olde West

Brush Strokes, in 2014, was my first solo event and a resounding success! With over a hundred guests, practically all artwork sold, sumptuous appetisers and entertainment provided by Afsana….it catered to all of one’s senses. Thank You, to all of you, who made the exhibition all it was.

Ye Old West in 2015, a duo event with Roopa Poonen, was inspired by the aboriginal influences of Canada. Held at The Beaux Arts Gallery in Brampton, the exhibition ran for a full thirty days and culminated in a reception for friends and family.

A recollection of the two events…

Brush Strokes 11Brush Strokes 6Brush Strokes 4Brush Strokes 7Brush Strokes 14Brush Strokes 15 Brush Strokes 8Brush Strokes 13 Brush Strokes 2Brush Strokes 5Brush Strokes 20Brush Strokes 10Brush Strokes 12Brush Strokes 1 Brush Strokes 9YOW 15YOW 2YOW 13YOW 1YOW 3 YOW 8YOW 10YOW 9YOW 14YOW 5 YOW 7YOW 6YOW 12

March 24, 2016#

Paint Nites…or Days!

For friends, for fun, for the chance of sharing a journey with those that have just embarked on the road of painting on plates. Or want to try it that one time to create a piece that they can truly call their own.

That was the idea behind getting together and producing some classic pieces that reflect the soul of their creator!!


Butter Fly CYW 220 Dance with Rose CYW 220 Maryann's Love CYW 220 Silhouette CYW 220



Renuka's peacock CYW 220

Deepali's Ganesh CYW 220

Diya's Ganesh CYW 220 Savi's Ganesh CYW 220

June 5, 2015#

Vita Center: In Gratitude

Vita CentreJune 3rd, 2015

Ritika Malkani,

On behalf of everyone at Vita Centre, thank you for choosing to sponsor our 15th Swing for Life Golf Tournament and align your values with the mission of Vita Centre. The Silent Auction was a great success, in part due to your donation!

Through sponsorship and Silent Auction sales, we have been able to raise over $6,000 which will directly augment our programs and counselling services that enable young families, who would otherwise be on the fringes of society, to grow in confidence and blossom into responsible parents and engaged citizens in society.

Having grown so much over the past 24 years, Vita Centre is deeply appreciative of its friends and supporters who choose to partner with us as we invest in pregnant and parenting youth at risk. Fund raised by this Golf Tournament will directly augment our programs and counselling services that enable young families, who would otherwise be on the fringes of society, to grow in confidence and blossom into responsible parents and engaged citizens in society.

Once again, thank you for sponsoring our Swing for Life Golf Tournament with a Silent Auction item. By supporting Vita Centre to make a difference, your Silent Auction sponsorship directly brought in funds that will enable youth at risk to make positive choices for change in their lives.

In Gratitude,

Angie Girgis
Board President

March 20, 2015#

City of Mississauga

The part that feels really good about being an artist… City of Mississaugais not in simple appreciation of the art, but in using the proceeds towards worthwhile causes. My raison d’etre!

City of Mississauga
735 Central Parkway West
Mississauga, On
L5C 4H4

February 16th, 2015

Ritika Malkani
5658 Glen Erin Dr. Unit 40
Mississauga, ON
L5M 6C4

Dear Ritika:

We would like to thank you for the generous donation made to the Mississauga Animal Services S.C.A.R.F. Fund.

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about our Centre and the S.C.A.R.F. Fund. The Mississauga Animal Services Centre has made some very important progress in the area of improved animal care. We now feature an Outdoor Exercise Area for our dogs and cats, a Foster Care Program, Volunteer Program, Microchip/Adoption Program, Education and Shelter Tour Program, Wildlife Counselling Program and of course our Donation Fund Program.

This Fund is a new and exciting donation program that is used to help the animals in our care. With this fund we are able to buy additional cages, medications, fund our Foster Care Program, improve our education program and provide extra veterinary care for stray animals. This fund also allows us to spay and neuter adoption animals before they are adopted. If our SCARF Fund proves successful and we continue to receive support our ultimate goal is to spay and neuter all shelter pets prior to adoption.

Your support is greatly appreciated and on behalf of the animals in our care, once again, we thank you for your thoughtfulness and your generous donation.
Since 1

J. Smith
Manager Animal Services

April 18, 2013#

Branching Out

When you have the cyber world as your ‘live’ teacher, there is no dearth of ideas that tantalize, tease and steer you into creating, recreating, and then recreating it all over again!!

My latest foray…Folk Art and Multi Media. Sundown is the result, and symbolic of that part of my life that works with homes, real estate, people. Youthful, cheerful, colorful, fauvist…it draws your attention back time and again. For there is always something that you missed seeing the first time around! Embellishments that range from mosaic tiles to glass tiles to ceramics and plastic…aim at bringing the fun into your home.

The start of a series, look out for something that reminds you of home. Be it the Toronto skyline, a Montreal street scene, Quebec downtown…maybe even a village in India!


Mississauga Skyline

Mississauga Skyline



April 12, 2013#


What do www.colouryourworld.biz and www.ritika.ca have in common?

That, my friends, is no trick question!! There is more than one thing that these two URL’s share. Let me elucidate…

  • The sites are pivotal around the one person. A person who believes in beauty, inside and out. Who works tirelessly to bring this beauty, colour, happiness into your life and home. Art to adorn the home, homes to adorn the art. Synergy?
  • Both sites are the creation of the same web designer…also known as Kalimati Digital. Not just bringing practicality into my sites, but the ‘something different’ that sets the sites apart. Doing it with panache, patience and perfection.
  • Honesty. Telling you as it is, holding nothing back.  Giving you transparency, and the best that is humanly possible. Not just a ‘need to know’….more of a ‘need to have’! Be it a home you want to buy or sell….or a piece of art.
  • Passion. For painting. For People. For a job well done. For creating a home with not just art, but a happy future.

We are there for you…


IMG_0414 (2)

March 2, 2013#

My Feel Good Feedback

Hey Ritika,

Just discovered your website from your facebook page. I guess I did not go deep enough into your facebook page before.

What a lovely collection Ritika. Absolutely riveting in the use of colors. And I loved your COLOURIST thought. Very appropriate and has a lot of meaning- for you as the creator and for the role that the painting will play in someone’s life/home.

I also liked that photo-pencil portrait of yours in the profile page. Lovely. And the words- very expressive and well written.

An amazing collection, considering the fact that you just about started. Wow. You must be in a tearing hurry to make up for lost time.

All the very, very best- may the power of the brush and the splendour of colour be always with you.



February 27, 2013#

Facebook Connects…24/7

Ritika Malkani

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February 27, 2013#

Homes Again

Date Night 500


Colour Your World is making a transition. From bringing colour into your homes…to bringing you the home itself!! While this might slow down the numbers of canvases that come out of my studio, while it might entail a division of love, labor and time between art and homes…it still continues to build on the creative beauty that is integral to life. And living.

The beauty of a new home entails filling it with love, laughter, memories. And colour. And canvas. So keeping that in mind….keep us in mind!